All passes subject to CAAS/RSAF clearance and approval for flying for the day. Kindly consult any of the Field Officers during the flying day at the field or contact RMS here if you have any inquiry regarding your membership.

^ the club approved flying day.
* not inclusive of one-time S$150 admin fees for new sign ups.
Limited to Fix Wings, Helicopters & Quadcopters. A proficiency test is required for different categories of aircraft. The club reserves the right to refrain any aircraft from taking off with or without prior reasons.
must be immediate family member(s) to the signer. For eg. a wife & 2 children and yourself make up a Family Membership package. Each child must be below the age of 18 to qualify.

Membership & Pass prices subject to change without prior notice on this website. No aerial photography/videography allowed outside of RMS aerodrome. RMS reserves the rights to alter/change the club rules at any time with/without advance notice to any member.

To join as a member, please fill in the form and contact us to make an arrangement to do payment at our field. You can fly your aircraft on the day of payment/sign up.

Download Form to sign up